Jewelry inspired by the beauty of geometry

Compiled by Bridget Williams

Limited-edition Pixels collar necklace from Carelle (

Earrings, left to right, top to bottom: Circular Contrast earrings by Joana Salazar ( Mirror earrings from Melis Goral ($6,300; Pyramid earrings from Karma El Khalil ( Keynes hexagon diamond earrings from Walters Faith ($6,985; One-of-a-kind Stephen Webster Vertigo Lost Horizon hoops ( Emily P. Wheeler X earrings ($12,000; Jared Lehr earrings ( Ara Vartanian emerald and diamond earrings (

Clockwise from top left: Geoart Puzzle necklace from Kavant & Sharart ( Aztec medallion from Terzihan’s Neutra Collection ($9,200; Akila drape necklace from KORITE ($1,455; VRAM Robo Kinetic ring ( Marrow Fine opal inlay ring ($4,000; Oxidized silver Ice ring from Elizabeth Garvin Fine ($1,040; Grab n Go ring from NeverNot ($5,875: Akylon 44mm watch from MUSE Swiss Art Watches ($3,600; The Alcazar bracelet from Aisha Baker ( Pyramid Pop prehnite open ring from Luv My Jewelry ($239; Sonya ring with pink enamel from MAYA ($3,800;

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