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10 Things Jordan Miller Cannot Live Without

Jordan Miller knows a thing or two about achieving goals and facing adversity in the process. Growing up in a large blue-collar family in the Milo-Grogan neighborhood, Miller worked odd jobs and benefitted from community resources like the Boys & Girls Club on Cleveland Avenue. An attempt at Ohio State University as a commuter student didn’t work out as well as he’d hoped; Miller cites seven siblings and the pressures of wanting to experience the social aspects of a campus experience as contributing factors. Driven to grow and learn and gain independence despite his first pass at college, Miller signed onto the Air Force and became an avionics communications specialist - his keen mind, positive attitude, and penchant for getting things done helped him to progress alongside peers several years older than him.

Just over a decade later, Miller returned to central Ohio armed with a degree and no student loans (thanks to his service to our country and the GI Bill) from the University of Maryland and landed his first job in the banking industry. More than four decades later, the now legendary central Ohio banking executive is stepping out of a well-deserved retirement from his former role as Regional President of Fifth Third Central Ohio to once again serve his community and take on a daunting challenge: launching one of the nation’s only Black-owned banks and the first to start in over 20 years.

Miller has joined a group of other Black civic leaders including former Mayor Michael Coleman and Franklin County Commissioner Kevin Noyce to form Adelphi Bank, with a launch anticipated by early 2023. In what seems like divine blessing, the newly formed bank will open on the very site of its namesake: The Adelphi Loan and Savings Company, in Adelphi Quarter development in the Bronzeville neighborhood on East Long Street. More than 100 years ago, the first Adelphi Bank was organized with $25,000 in capital stock; Miller and company will organize with nearly $20M.

Jordan Miller has not been shy in local press about just how daunting a challenge the passion project that lured him out of retirement has been. But, based on his track record of hard work, service, and commitment to excellence, the future of Adelphi Bank could not be in better hands.

  1. Making time for Family. My kids and grandkids are first on the list; I'll do anything for them.

  2. To be significant in any endeavor I take on. If it doesn’t fit my values and is important to my family, business, and friends, it isn’t worth taking on.

  3. Me time. I really enjoy being alone and self-meditating.

  4. Paying it forward. Giving back to my community and being philanthropic is a core value for me. I've been blessed, and I feel it is an obligation to pay it back - or pay it forward as some say.

  5. Service. As a military veteran, I learned servant leadership. Service to others, especially those less fortunate is non-negotiable for me.

  6. Golf and fitness. While my game and my fitness levels are not what they used to be, I love golf, but hate the workouts. However, my game is always going to be better next year.

  7. Respect and civility. If we work together I will find a way to respect you and be civil in our disagreements.

  8. Common sense. It is worth more than any degree I've ever achieved. My first question is "does this make sense?” If not, then why are we talking about it?

  9. Reading. I am voracious and love to read about current events, financial issues, and leadership topics - anything that will expand my mind or help me to understand another way to approach an issue.

  10. Friends. I care about people. I have lifelong friendships that I use as a sounding board to keep me grounded. sl


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