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By Seth Shanley


To call Carson Kressley a man of many talents would be an understatement. Fashion mastermind, philanthropist, best-selling author, Emmy winner, ordained minister, world champion horse rider, and so much more. Carson is a renaissance man in the truest sense of the term. An unmatched star in every field, he steps in, on, and off the screen.

Carson found his footing as a fashion stylist in the 1990s. A treasured asset to revered designer Ralph Lauren, Carson eventually turned his sight and skill towards the entertainment industry in 2002 as a star in Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. He jettisoned into fame and turned contemporary fashion on its head. Whether it's his work on The Oprah Winfrey Show, RuPaul's Drag Race, or Dancing With The Stars, Carson has remained a charismatic American mainstay for almost two decades.

Carson's given his full support to numerous philanthropic causes over the years. Most recently, the Columbus Museum of Art's 2021 Art in Bloom event, a series of floral, art, and fashion-related events organized by the museum from April 22-25. Carson will serve as a celebrity host and guest of the Art in Bloom event, The Art of Style, on April 23rd, from 7 p.m.- 9:30 p.m., during which he'll be doling out style advice to attendees with his patented charm. Tickets to Art of Style start at $150, with VIP passes priced at $250. Tickets include a chance to win a one-on-one style session with Carson!

To find out more about Columbus Museum of Art's Art in Bloom 2021 event, visit The COMA is a member of our 2021 Giving Guide. To read its profile, check out Columbus Museum of Art (

1. Horses - I have been riding and showing American Saddlebred horses since I was a kid. I think they are God's most beautiful creatures, and the partnership you can create with a horse is just magic. You really have to stay grounded and be in the moment when you are around horses, which is really great for one's mental health! Plus, the clothes are fun!!!

2. Books - I know I should watch more TV since I'm on TV, but I really love reading! Autobiographies are my favorite. Who needs fiction when real people have such amazing stories? Right now, my nightstand includes bios on Lucille Ball, Bunny Mellon, Lee Iacocca, Grace Kelly, and Cicely Tyson.

3. The beach - The beach is my absolute favorite getaway. I think being a water sign (Scorpio), I need to be near the water. My favorite beaches include: Whitsunday Islands, Australia; East Hampton, Long Island; Tulum on the Yucatán; and anywhere in Greece!

4. New York City - it's been home for nearly 30 years, and the city and its vibrancy never fail to amaze me. The restaurants, shopping (I like to call it merchantainment), and the Arts are simply unparalleled.

5. Friends and Family - Friends and family are my rock. They are the ones that are always there for you and keep you grounded. Showbiz can be a real roller coaster, and I absolutely appreciate my friends and family in good times and bad.

6. French Fries - they are my absolute guilty pleasure. I love all kinds-from McDonald's to truffle fries from Le Bilbouquet. In fact, according to my mother, 'fries" was my first word!

7. Antiquing - I just love a treasure hunt of any kind. From weekend flea markets to antique malls to websites like Ohio's own EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE. I don't need anything, but I'm always on the hunt for that special treasure I didn't know I needed!!!

8. Giving back - I feel like I have been so blessed in this life that giving back is absolutely what I should be doing. I've really enjoyed serving on the board of the American Saddlebred Museum in Lexington, Kentucky, and TRUE COLORS UNITED, which works to eliminate youth homelessness, especially amongst LGBTQ youth, and PROJECT ANGEL FOOD, which provides healthy, nutritious meals to critically ill living all over L A county.

9. Shelter Magazines - I'm a self-proclaimed amateur interior designer, and I cannot get enough of design magazines. I know you can access the same inspiring images and articles online, but I'm old-fashioned, and I love an actual beautiful magazine I can leaf through on a plane.

10. Baths - Ever since I competed on DANCING WITH THE STARS, I discovered the healing and relaxing effects of a nice hot bath. I then read an article about my imaginary boyfriend and design legend, Tom Ford, and he said he takes three baths a day! I take about two per day-morning and night-but I hope to work up to three someday just like Tom!



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