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Written by Amelia Jeffers


Our cover girl, Sandra Brogdon

Sandra Brogdon is a wife, mother and the inspirational lifestyle journalist behind “Role Model Magazine,” an innovative print and online publication designed to “Inspire every girl everywhere to fulfill her limitless potential” ™ . As founder and CEO, Brogdon is dedicated to creating positive social change in the community through her mission to motivate the next generation of girls to live up to their fullest potential and to spread awareness on the issues that matter most to her readers. Earlier this summer, in the face of nationwide protests after the death of George Floyd, Brogdon co-founded another platform for engaging women on the pressing and increasingly relevant topic of racism. As she explains, “When George Floyd called out for his mother, {I believe} he was calling out to all mothers to rise up and do something, so I did.” Just two months later, the Facebook community Brogdon created with several other central Ohio moms has welcomed over 15,000 mothers from all over the country. The group name, “WE ARE THE MOTHERS HE SUMMONED,” has become a rallying cry for self-professed “Mamas” from all walks of life, religious background, political affiliation, race and creed who have set aside their differences for one united purpose: to be a part of the solution to end systemic racism. For more information about Role Model magazine, visit Find We Are The Mothers He Summoned on

1. God and my family. I grew up in a tight knit community in Kenya that stretched beyond my parents and siblings to include a cousin or a long lost relative who decided to come to the city looking for a better opportunity. Our house was never quiet , and you were sure to always have someone to talk to.

2. My morning cup of Starbucks. Although I am seriously trying to break this habit, it has become a guilty pleasure that I ascribe to self care. I love waking up at the break of dawn, greeting the lovely baristas, and quietly sipping my coffee. After planning the day, reading emails and browsing social media, I drive home to wake my kids and jump into “mom” mode.

3. Electronics. As a Mompreneur / creative my main tools for work are my phone, camera, and laptop. They afford me the freedom to stay totally involved with my kids’ activities while working from any location.

4. A comfy pair of black leggings. Never underestimate the comfort and look of a nice cozy pair of leggings. Leggings have become my go-to pants; they can be dressed up or down for zoom calls, face to face meetings, or just running errands. Especially with the recent stay-at-home lifestyle, they are very forgiving to those of us who may or may have not picked up a few pounds.

5. The beach. There is something about being near water that just calms me and makes me forget any challenges I may be facing. Standing on the shore of a seemingly endless ocean makes me feel that there is no limit to what I can do.

6. A nice warm blanket. Born in a tropical country and moving to Ohio as an adult, my body has refused to adjust to the brutally cold winters. I can usually be found on the couch with a warm blanket, whether it is in the middle of a hot summer afternoon or a blustery cold winter day.

7. A fun and inspirational magazine. As a magazine publisher, I really enjoy flipping through all sorts or magazines. I love reading the stories and seeing the creative layout of a broad range of publications.

8. Inspirational jewelry. I am a storyteller at heart, so all my jewelry pieces tell a story, have a quote or mark a special milestone in my life. Wearing them provides subtle inspiration throughout the day.

9. Art and design. Beautifully decorated places make me so happy.

10. A fun little fashion boutique. I love to travel, and I especially love shopping in quaint, local boutiques wherever I go to see what their fashion is, learn about the community, and purchase something that is unique to the area.


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