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The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio

Who We Are: The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio is a public foundation with a mission to transform the lives of women and girls by mobilizing the collective power and passion of all people working together. We were founded in 2001 by a group of 15 visionary women who were determined to invest in gender justice. The Women’s Fund commissions groundbreaking research, advocates for equity, and invests in social change. To date, The Women’s Fund has awarded more than $3.6 million in grants to over 250 central Ohio programs that advance and empower women and girls.

What We Do:

  • Strategic grantmaking: We invest in economic empowerment and leadership opportunities for women and girls.

  • Groundbreaking research: We’ve commissioned 5major research projects, including our most recent report investigating the gender and racial wealth gap in central Ohio.

  • Bold advocacy: We advocate for equitable solutions that eradicate the devastating impact of baseless gender norms and implicit biases, with a particular focus on the intersection of gender and racial discrimination.

  • Transformational tools: Our training tool, Gender By Us®, educates and motivates individuals and organizations to create more equitable workplaces and communities.

Why We’re Important: As the only organization in our region solely focused on creating social change for women and girls, we know it is vital to address the root causes of systemic gender inequities. We also know that investments in women promote economic development, education, and health, not only for the women themselves, but also for their families and the communities around them. Our data-driven and human-centered approach to grantmaking ensures that we invest in sustainable solutions designed by and for the communities they serve.

How You Can Help: Invest in The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio. The Women’s Philanthropy Institute found that only 1.6% of Americans’ charitable giving goes toward nonprofits supporting women and girls. When you invest in The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, you provide courage capital to address the critical needs of women and girls that have been historically devalued and overlooked. Every investment builds our capacity to continue innovative research, conduct impactful advocacy efforts, and make significant grants to nonprofit partners working on the front lines to create meaningful social change.

Connect with The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio

2323 W. Fifth Ave, Suite 230

Columbus, OH 43204


President & CEO: Kelley Griesmer

Investor Relations Manager: Kelsie Fields

Board Chair: Heather Whaling, President & Founder, Geben Communication


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