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Heinzerling Community

Heinzerling Community columbus ohio immediate care facility developmental disabilities

Who We Are: Heinzerling Community is an intermediate care facility for individuals with severe or profound developmental disabilities. For 62 years, Heinzerling Community has provided residential services, and living supports for this special population in central Ohio. Since this time, Heinzerling Community has cared for hundreds of children and adults with severe and profound developmental disabilities, creating a legacy of caring. Today, approximately 200 children and adults reside at Heinzerling Community. Heinzerling Community is known for the exceptional quality of care it gives to residents.

What We Do: The mission of Heinzerling Community is to provide a loving and nurturing environment that enriches the development, education, and quality of life for individuals with severe or profound developmental disabilities. A staff of over 350 professionals works around the clock to nurture and develop each resident. This is accomplished through a personalized approach involving many therapies, including physical/occupational therapy, communication/social skills, life skills, sensory development, and mobility opportunities for residents. Much of this occurs at Heinzerling Community and during off-site community outings. In addition, residents received individualized dietary plans and 24-hour nursing care.

Why We’re Important: We provide an important resource for families in the central Ohio community. Heinzerling Community is the only service provider in central Ohio that focuses primarily on individuals with severe or profound developmental disabilities. Many Ohio families seek out Heinzerling Community to care for their loved one when they are unable to do so in their own home. Parents or siblings maintain guardianship of their family member while Heinzerling provides the day-to-day care. This helps provide families with respite in their lives while maintaining a relationship with their loved one.

How We Impact the Community: At Heinzerling Community, our impact goes far beyond the residents and families we serve. Every day we impact the entire Central Ohio community with the presence and involvement of people with disabilities. Throughout the year, Heinzerling Community residents attend numerous community activities including Columbus Blue Jackets games, The Ohio State Fair, COSI, and attending cultural arts programs, etc. Central Ohio prides itself on being an inclusive and open community, and our efforts at increasing acceptance and inclusion helps create a community that is diverse and welcoming.

How You Can Help: There are many ways to help Heinzerling Community. We are always looking for individuals and groups to volunteer by spending time with our residents. In addition, we hold several fundraising events during the year. We invite individuals and companies to attend or participate as a sponsor. For updated information and details, please visit our website

Connect with Heinzerling Community

1800 Heinzerling Drive

Columbus, OH 43223


Executive Director: Robert Heinzerling

Development Director: Brian Asbury

Board Chair: Rick Wanner, Executive VP, Wanner Metalworx


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