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Who We Are: Harmony project is people--people from different faiths, different ethnicities, different backgrounds, different abilities, and different beliefs. Harmony is people from Central Ohio and beyond putting into practice the powerful idea that it takes more than one voice to be in harmony, and that the dissonance between us can be disrupted when a community works together.

What We Do: Art becomes the catalyst for change with the goal of combating disinformation, shattering stereotypes, expanding cultural knowledge, and creating empathy for one another.

Through art, storytelling, music, and volunteer service, Harmony creates a place where people can embrace their differences, engage with their neighbors, and begin the essential work of building social harmony.

Why We’re Important: While our nation experiences division, Harmony's programs bridge the chasms that have developed between us as a community. Harmony inspires individuals to meet their own biases head-on. We engage neighbors and neighborhoods in service to forge a path toward a richer and more diverse community.

It's clear in our mission statement--to build a more inclusive society by breaking down social barriers, bridging community divides, and empowering the voices of the people.

How We Impact the Community: Harmony's impact in the community:

  • provides incarcerated men and women a means to break through their own silence and be heard on the outside,

  • enables people who have overcome homelessness and people with differing abilities to build friendships in the community, providing vital social and emotional connections,

  • empowers the voices of new American teens to build confidence, share their stories, and connect with their new neighborhoods through service,

  • showcases sold-out performances by the largest community chorus in America in venues throughout Central Ohio, like The Lincoln Theatre, Nationwide Arena, the Ohio Theatre, and Field.

Harmony’s impact is also felt through 14 years of volunteer service to the community with results like:

  • 400,000+ total hours of volunteer service

  • $12M value in volunteer service hours to the community

  • 20,000+ meals served to our neighbors in need and the people we serve

  • 10,000+ pounds of food donated

The work of Harmony has served every quadrant of Franklin County. Harmony's programs and projects yield measurable, real-life results that show clearly that the formula works: if we DISRUPT the DISSONANCE, we can EMBRACE our DIFFERENCES and BUILD SOCIAL HARMONY.

How You Can Help:

  • Volunteer with us; get inspired by working alongside your CentralOhio neighbors on everything from landscaping projects to large-scale public murals.

  • Sing with us; whether a large or small commitment, a season singing with the Harmony community chorus or a pop-up chorus event, no audition is required to sing in harmony with your neighbors.

  • Support our work; support Harmony's mission and programs by donating today.

Harmony Project

4411 Tamarack Boulevard, Columbus, Ohio 43229


Founder and Creative Director: David Brown

Development Director: Matthew Schott

Board Chair: Jessie Cannon


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