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Who We Are: Homeport is the largest, locally-focused nonprofit developer of affordable housing in Central Ohio. Having served the area since 1987, Homeport owns 2,747 affordable rental apartments and homes in 43 communities. Its 6,541 residents, families and seniors, can access a broad range of services ranging from after school programming to emergency assistance for rent and utilities. Homeport partnerships also link its residents to food, furniture and employment assistance as well as medical and mental health services. Homeport is a leading provider of homebuyer education and budget and credit counseling for Central Ohio.

What We Do: Providing a roof over someone’s head is only the start of a stronger home. Homeport surrounds its rental communities with comprehensive support to promote long-term stability and health. With the assistance of partners and volunteers, Homeport organizes out-of-school programs, free produce markets, school supply drives, and more for thousands of residents every year.

Why We Are Important: Homeport addresses the growing demand of affordable housing in Central Ohio. And the challenge is huge:

  • Fifty-four thousand Central Ohio households are paying more than half their incomes for housing.

  • The poverty population has grown at more than three times the rate of the overall population (2009-2014) and extends into Columbus suburbs.

  • There is only one affordable rental unit for every three renters in poverty.

  • Of the top 10 occupations with the most annual openings, nine do not pay workers enough to afford housing. The one exception is Registered Nurses.

  • More than 17,000 Central Ohioans are on the application list for a rental subsidy.

How We Impact the Community: Real estate development and resident services are simply the tools we use to provide our clients with the dignity, security and opportunity they deserve. The team at Homeport is truly in the “people business.” The true beneficiaries of our work are the 6,541 individuals we have the honor of serving every day.

How You Can Help: Homeport is the answer. An investment in Homeport is an investment in the lives of Central Ohioans and beyond. A decent home is at the center of every important issue, and it has a multiplier effect. Support of affordable housing creates results that extend far beyond and changes the lives of generations.

Our resident services enhance the chances of family, financial and community stability. This leads to jobs, better health and improved economic conditions, as well as financial education. It is what separates Homeport from other home providers. Homeport works with individuals, families and seniors making 60 percent or less of the area median income, which is $55,212 for a family of four.

Are you interested in learning more about Homeport? We offer guided 90-minute bus tours so you can experience how and why safe, sustainable, and affordable housing matters for a better Central Ohio. Contact Laverne D. Price, Senior Director of Resource Development, at 614.545.4891or to schedule.

Connect with Homeport

3443 Agler Road, Suite 200, Columbus, Ohio 43219


Executive Director: Leah F. Evans, President & CEO

Development Director: Laverne D. Price

Board Chair: Emmett M. Kelly


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