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Who We Are: Launched in 2018, Gigi's is a state-wide effort to save homeless, rural dogs. Gigi’s state-of-the-art central Ohio campus features 26,000 square feet of:

  • fully equipped animal hospital,

  • unmatched housing for more than 85 dogs at a time,

  • comprehensive behavioral wellness center, and

  • stand-alone infectious disease treatment center.

With three veterinarians on staff, including a board-certified veterinary behaviorist, Gigi's has the expertise and ability to rescue, rehabilitate, and serve over 6,300 rural, homeless dogs each year.

What We Do: Many rural shelters can only find homes for one out of 10 homeless dogs they serve. Gigi’s partners with animal shelters in some of the most impoverished, rural communities in Ohio to bring homeless dogs to our campus, getting them on the fast track to adoption. That means that instead of spending months in a shelter waiting for a home, rural dogs in the Gigi’s program reach adoption in an average of two weeks. Gigi’s services are 100% free to our partner rural shelters:

  • free vaccines

  • full veterinary care

  • dental procedures

  • behavioral support

  • transportation and housing

Why We're Important: Sheltering organizations want to save every dog they can, but saving dogs is expensive. They all do their best to make it happen, but rural areas have limited resources to be successful. Gigi’s support provides those resources.

How We Impact The Community: Gigi’s can improve the lives of 6,300+ shelter dogs each year. Together, we're helping homeless dogs from rural, under-resourced communities get adopted and strengthening the entire animal sheltering and adoption system! Each year Gigi’s is able to:

  • • Treat and save thousands of rural, homeless dogs

  • • Provide 5,500 free vaccines for rural, homeless dogs

  • • Perform 1,400+ free or low-cost surgeries for shelter dogs

  • • Drive 35,000 miles each year to connect dogs

How You Can Help: Because of the generosity of our founders, Gigi’s is able to put 100% of your contribution to work saving homeless dogs. Hundreds of donors each year allow Gigi’s to save dogs. Each new donor means more dogs saved…join us today! Make a contribution today at

Connect with Gigi's

2700 E Dublin Granville Rd., Suite 300

Columbus, OH 43231 614-356-8081

Executive Director: Justin McKinniss


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