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Columbus Academy

Who We Are: Columbus Academy’s core mission is to develop the mind, body and character of our 1,169 students from the 3-Year-Old Explorers program through Grade 12. Our dynamic faculty members and students benefit from our 231-acre campus that serves as a living classroom, where learning happens everywhere.

What We Do: Academy’s tradition of excellence in education begins with our faculty. Our teachers are experts in their fields. They design a curriculum that challenges and excites students, aligns with best practices in teaching, and prepares Academy’s students to compete for college entrance at a national level with students from the best schools in the country. As advisors, mentors and coaches, our faculty members care deeply about their students and nurture character formation through a healthy balance of determination and play, implementation of cultural competencies and sustained service.

Why We’re Important: Columbus Academy is a vital resource for families in our community who are seeking a school that rivals the best of its kind in the country. Our diverse and welcoming school develops the intellects of its students and nurtures their competitive spirits in a caring, respectful environment. We seek to inspire in our students a love of lifelong learning, the motivation to act in service to others, and the moral courage necessary to do what is right.

How We Impact the Community: Academy has graduated 108 classes of students who have experienced a depth and breadth of education that few other schools can match. Our highly sought-after graduates have matriculated to colleges and universities across the country prepared to pursue their dreams—wherever their passions might take them. Half of all Academy alumni currently live and work in Central Ohio, many among the ranks of business and community leaders, contributing to the health and vibrancy of our entire community.

How You Can Help: Columbus Academy is seeking partnerships with individuals, local businesses and nonprofit organizations as well as education and research institutions to enrich our curricular programs. We believe student learning is enhanced through internships, service learning, and design challenges that encourage students to solve real-world problems, collaborate with professionals, and serve our neighbors and community.

Connect with Columbus Academy

4300 Cherry Bottom Rd.

Gahanna, OH 43230


Executive Director: Melissa Soderberg, Head of School

Development Director: Erich Hunker ’81, Assistant Head of School, Development/External Relations

Board Chair: Sandy Doyle-Ahern


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