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Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio

Who We Are: The Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio serves as a local solution to a national crisis, providing prescription medication and pharmacy services at no cost to area residents living at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. In 2007, it became clear that an alarming number of central Ohio residents were going without their prescription medications because they could not afford them. A grassroots effort was formed to address the need, and the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio opened in 2010. Since then, we have filled 500,000 prescriptions for 7,000 patients with a total market value of over $50 million.

What We Do: Providing medications that our patients can’t afford is critical, but our unique model goes well beyond filling prescriptions. Whenever patients come to pick up medication, they meet one-on-one with a pharmacist or senior pharmacy intern to receive extensive medication counseling and health assessments. This continuity is especially critical for the 50% of our patients who are 60 or older and others with chronic health conditions to ensure adherence, answer questions, and identify drug-related problems, including life-threatening adverse reactions. We also provide vaccinations, health and wellness education, and consultations with a licensed social worker who connects patients with other social services.

Why We're Important: Many of our patients have faced the excruciating choice between buying medicine or putting food on the table for themselves and their families. For primarily financial reasons, many have avoided preventive and necessary health services until an emergency forced them to use costly emergency room or urgent care. They often leave the hospital with prescriptions for medications they cannot afford to buy and, as a result, suffer a repeated health event and return to the hospital or urgent care in a continuing cycle.

We break that cycle and empower them to take control of their health.

How We Impact The Community: We help individuals get healthy and stay healthy. Our services also help people become employable and reduce overall community healthcare costs. The results of a study conducted at the Charitable Pharmacy and published in the Journal of the American Pharmacy Association showed that for our patients:

  • emergency room services or hospitalizations decreased by one per patient per year

  • volume of prescriptions filled increased by 51%

  • 71% reported increased access to other health service providers

  • 90% reported a better understanding of how their medicines help control their chronic conditions and a sense of more control over their own health.

How You Can Help: No one should have to choose between food and medicine. Individuals who come to our doors rely on community members’ generosity to ensure access to the prescription medication and personal support they need to treat their chronic health conditions. You can help by:

  • making a gift at

  • following us on Facebook and helping to share our story

  • becoming a corporate event sponsor

  • participating in our annual Rx Ride, Run & Stroll fundraiser

  • including the Charitable Pharmacy in your estate planning

For more information on in-kind donations and other giving vehicles, contact Melanie Boyd at 614-224-0301 or

Connect with Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio

200 East Livingston Avenue Columbus, OH 43215 614-227-0301

Executive Director: Jennifer Seifert, MS, RPh, BCGP

Email: Development Director: Melanie Boyd Email: Board Chair: Rev. Cyndy Garn


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